October 4, 2023

Budweiser Teams Up with Zed Run to Bring Tokenized Clydesdale Horses to Virtual Horse Racing Game

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Budweiser, a popular beer manufacturer, has partnered with Zed Run to introduce tokenized Clydesdale draft horses in its virtual NFT-based horse racing and wagering game. This collaboration builds on Budweiser's previous investments in the NFT space, including the purchase of nonfungible token fan art and the acquisition of the beer.eth domain name.

Budweiser Teams Up with Zed Run to Bring Tokenized Clydesdale Horses to Virtual Horse Racing Game

Zed Run and the Rise of Racing Horse NFTs

Zed Run, founded by Virtually Human Studio in 2019, offers racing horse NFTs that have become highly sought-after assets. Initially priced between $30 and $80, these NFTs now trade for thousands of dollars on secondary markets. In April 2021, a single racehorse NFT was sold for as high as $125,000.

Budweiser and Zed Run Partnership

As part of their partnership, Budweiser and Zed Run will introduce a Budweiser-themed race track, Budweiser NFT passes, and prize pools for Bud-sponsored virtual horse races. Additionally, three tiers of airdropped Clydesdale NFT skins will be available for use in Zed Run.

Budweiser Clydesdale NFTs

The Budweiser Clydesdales, well-known horses used for company promotions and commercials, will be featured in the form of NFTs. A total of 2,500 Budweiser Pass NFTs will be available for purchase for a limited time. These NFTs will cost $225 each, plus gas fees.

Exciting Challenges and Tournaments

Zed Run will host two Budweiser Racing Challenges in July and September, with prize pools of $45,000. In December, a tournament with a prize pool of $95,000 will take place, offering participants the chance to win a year's supply of Budweiser beer. Participants who hold the NFTs will also receive airdropped Clydesdale skin NFTs and Budweiser t-shirt wearables for their avatars in the Decentraland metaverse.

Horse Racing Skins NFTs

The project will release three versions of the horse racing skins NFTs: 1,600 Classic Clydesdales, 800 Bud Bottle Clydesdales, and 100 Gold Clydesdales. These NFTs can be used to enhance existing racehorse NFTs in the game.

Rewards for Burning NFTs

After the completion of all tournaments, the project will offer rewards to users who burn their Budweiser Pass NFTs. The details of these rewards have not been disclosed yet.

Innovation and Brand Enhancement

Spencer Gordon, vice president of consumer connections at AB InBev, the producer of Budweiser, emphasized that this partnership demonstrates their commitment to innovation and leveraging new technologies like NFTs to create memorable experiences for fans and strengthen their brand.

Zed Run, in addition to virtual horse racing, offers features such as NFT trading, virtual race betting, and breeding new tokenized racehorses through mating stallions or colts with fillies and mares. The project recently raised $20 million in Series A funding.

In conclusion, Budweiser's collaboration with Zed Run brings tokenized Clydesdale horses to the virtual horse racing game, offering fans exciting opportunities to participate in Bud-sponsored races, win prizes, and enhance their virtual horse collections with unique NFT skins. This partnership showcases Budweiser's commitment to innovation and creating memorable experiences for its fans.

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